Extra Info.

  • Kids o er 15 are welcomed.
  • The last 3/4 mile of the Municipal road to El Hotelito is being repaved. At the moment it is in gravel, concrete and old ashfalt,and a lottle bumpy, any car makes it, but with an SUV its way better.
  • Please plan so you make the 6:00 pm chack in. The last3/4 mile is a beautifull drive through the forest during daylight, but really dark at night.
  • Our energy is solar so we do not have a/c, fans or tv and do not allow the use of hairdryers.
  • No loud music from personal devices allowed in public areas.
  • We have a cover charge of $10.00 per bottle of wine and $5.00 for beer per day..when you bring your own and enjoy it in our beautifull bar or rapestaurant, or public areas.
  • Pool can be used 24/7 as long as two persons are present.
  • We want you to have the best time ever while staying with us, so feel free to call if you have any questions or we can be of help while planning your vacation to Beautifull Pierto Rico.